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What You Should Know About Diabetes and Travelling


Many diabetic patients opt to stay in the comfort of their own home and travel to the nearest medical facility for medical appointments. This arrangement has been proven to help them enjoy most of their time together with loved ones. Although it helps them overcome loneliness and anxiety, still, there are unspoken risks about commuting. Elderly individuals need special attention when traveling for medical reasons, and so does diabetic patients.

Diabetes, whatever type it may be, is susceptible to stress. When diabetic individuals are commuting for medical check-ups or for diagnostic tests, their blood sugar level might be unusually different. This is known to all that when traveling, there is an increased time of inactivity which leads to lesser metabolism in the body, therefore resulting in increased sugar in the bloodstream. Unlike being in the office or at home, when traveling, a person is forced to sit in the bus or taxi until they reach the destination.

Diabetes and Stress

Everyone, not just diabetic individuals, is stressed out when traveling. It can be due to the length of travel, distance, traffic, or discomfort, all of these can cause stress. When stress kicks in, the body produces hormones that automatically uses stored energy to compensate. This process greatly affects the amount of glucose in the body which may lead either to hypo or hyperglycemia.

This is the same reason why diabetic patients should transport or commute with care and preparedness. A lot of things can happen during the whole duration of their travel.

Be Prepared When Travelling

Being prepared when traveling give diabetic individuals an edge over whatever situation may come. Call the clinic or medical facility ahead of time and set an appointment to make sure that you will be attended to. Prepare your medications, do you need to take it prior to traveling? Can you take it while traveling? Pack some water, snacks, and medication with you while you are traveling. Always have an emergency pack all the time. A diabetic emergency pack can help during hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia attacks while traveling.

Traveling is not a stressful experience for all diabetic patients all the time. There are services that offer a safe and reliable trip to patients with medical conditions just like diabetes.

Citywide EMS LLC is a provider of non emergency medical transportation in Houston, Texas. We believe that traveling for medical reasons has to be comfortable and accessible for all who needs it most. We are proud to say that our team underwent Basic Life Support training and education which is a valuable skill that can come in handy during emergencies. We also have fully-customized ambulance services in Texas that can accommodate patients in wheelchairs. Our services are cost-effective and can be covered by insurances too.

What do you think of this post? Please share your suggestions in the comments section on how we can make transportation safer for our diabetic loved ones.

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