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Obvious Signs That Your Elderly Loved One Can No Longer Drive

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Our elderly loved ones at home love and enjoy their independence. They feel invigorated knowing that at their age, they get to do things their way. Living on their own gives them the power to decide on many things. Caregivers at home help guarantee that their health and wellness are covered. They make sure that everything in the elderly’s home and surrounding is safe and secured. There are responsibilities that cannot be covered by a caregiver, just like driving.

They maximize their time while they still can, that’s why they also do the driving. They spend time in doing the errands themselves. They also do the driving when they have doctor’s appointments and medical check-ups. Driving poses a risk to everyone, especially to our elderly loved ones. There are conditions that worsen the risks of driving for elderly individuals like blurry vision, impaired hearing, and many more.

There are signs that show when it is no longer safe for your aging loved ones to drive for themselves.

  • Small Accidents at Home

    An accident is a sign that families should think about letting their elderly loved one drive again. If they encounter accidents at home, how much more if they are driving on highways? Road accidents involving elderly individuals are mostly because of slow reflexes and inability to clearly read road signs and directions.

  • Traffic Violations

    It is normal for drivers to be issued with traffic tickets sometime in their life but it’s a bit of a surprise when elderly individuals receive them. Generally, seniors are very keen and careful when driving because they know the dangers too well. Receiving tickets is a sign that they have been inattentive rather than aggressive.

  • Obvious Damage to Their Vehicle

    Damage to their cars may mean that they are having certain difficulties in movements while driving. Check their cars every now and then and note for scrapes and dents. Talk to your elderly’s driving experience during the day and interview them what happened.

  • Anxiety When Driving

    One should drive with confidence all the time. If you feel and see that they are anxious about driving you should not take it for granted. Anxiety in driving can be due to difficulties, trouble or fears encountered when driving.

  • Late Reaction

    A reaction happens immediately when triggered. This is something that elderly people no longer have. Late reaction signifies inattentiveness.

It is our responsibility to make sure that our parents are always safe. We can’t deny them the luxury of driving but if they are no longer fit to do it there is a better way of saying it. Citywide EMS LLC is a provider of non emergency medical transportation in Houston, Texas. We provide services to disabled or seniors who need medical transportation services in Texas.

Our services in Citywide EMS LLC will take all your elderly family members to their appointments safely and punctually. So when you think of their welfare while traveling, rest assured they’re in good hands.

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