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6 Health Complications That Can Arise When You Miss Your Dialysis Appointments

6 Health Complications That Can Arise When You Miss Your Dialysis Appointments

Dialysis appointments aren’t always convenient. They’re expensive, and they take a huge chunk of your time.

But still, you shouldn’t miss your appointments because you might develop health complications such as:

  1. Itching

    Missing your appointments can cause a build-up of harmful substances in your body. This triggers an uncomfortable, itchy sensation all over your body (or at a selected area of your body.). But you can avoid this by attending your dialysis appointments regularly.

  2. High blood pressure

    Kidney failure and high blood pressure go hand in hand. The higher your blood pressure becomes; the more damage it deals with what remains of your functioning kidneys.

    And that’s not all. High blood pressure also results in other health complications, such as heart disease, heart attack, stroke, etc. So, be sure to attend your dialysis as planned because it will improve your health over time.

  3. Stroke

    As we’ve discussed earlier, your risk for stroke increases when you leave your high blood pressure untreated. And just so you know, stroke shouldn’t be taken lightly either.

    If you’re unlucky, an attack could leave you with brain damage or a permanent disability. Make sure you stay protected from these by undergoing dialysis regularly.

  4. Edema

    Your kidney’s chief function is to remove excess fluid in your body. But when its ability is compromised, fluid is left in excess inside your body.

    This leads to edema; which causes swelling in your face, ankles, wrist, and feet. Aside from that, an overload of fluid in your body could also cause breathing problems, bloating, and discomfort.

  5. Anemia

    Did you know that the damage in your kidneys also affect the number of red blood cells that your bone marrow produces?

    And when there aren’t enough red blood cells to go around and distribute oxygen into your body, your heart has to work harder to make ends meet. This added stress causes harm to your heart too.

  6. Decreased life expectancy

    Your kidneys do a lot of hard work to help keep your body running in good condition. But if they have suffered injury and are not getting all the assistance they can get from a dialysis session, things will begin to look a little grimmer.

    Toxins will build up in your body and you will suffer a case of uremia. If left untreated, neglecting your dialysis appointments could even lead to death.

Why wait for matters to get worse when you can take action now?

Simply by following your doctor’s advice and your regular dialysis schedule, you will be able to enjoy an improved quality of life. You don’t need to worry about the hassle of commute either, because there are reliable ambulance services in Texas.

With the service of a non emergency medical transportation in Houston, Texas from Citywide EMS LLC at your side, you will be able to travel comfortably to your appointments. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your access to health care.

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