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4 Disadvantages You Get from Delaying Your Doctors Appointments

4 Disadvantages You Get from Delaying Your Doctor’s Appointments

When your physician tells you that there will be a return appointment after a couple of weeks, do you come back to their clinic?

A lot of people don’t really comply with that request, especially if they’re already feeling better. Why should they, anyway? The doctor has done their job and everything is well. Coming back for an appointment will only cost them more. Do you share the same notion?

Well, you should think twice about doing that again in the future. While it’s true that you may feel physically better, that doesn’t necessarily translate that you’re already healed. Only your doctor will be able to know that for sure. If you continue to miss your appointments on purpose, there will be dangerous consequences.

As an effort to raise your awareness, Citywide EMS LLC has compiled a short list of possible outcomes that may happen when you delay health care. Read through the items below to stay informed:

  1. You will develop disease complications.

    The main reason for a follow-up checkup is to make sure that your body is healing the right way.

    If your physician isn’t able to assess this information, you could potentially end up with an infection, loss of limb function, and/or limited mobility in the long run.

  2. You will get lesser effective treatment.

    Over time, it’s possible for your body to develop a resistance from the medication you are taking.

    If your physician isn’t able to directly monitor the pill’s effects on your body, you might be raking your pills in vain. A follow-up check-up will make sure your treatment is progressing properly, so make sure you attend it.

  3. You will end up with poorer health.

    A follow-up checkup nips a harmful disease at the bud before it becomes a full grown complication.

    Think of diabetes for example. You can fairly enjoy a normal life even if you have been diagnosed with it as long as you keep your blood sugar levels regulated. But if you let your blood sugar levels run amok, you can end up with irreparable damage such as blindness.

  4. You will have more expenses in the long run.

    Missing your appointments may seem like you’re saving more money at a first glance, but it’s actually the opposite.

    Sure, you may have initially saved some cash from your prior appointment fees but the resulting bills for your additional medication and impending hospitalization will be far more expensive.

Always remember that health is wealth. A wealth that you can’t easily obtain simply by spending money. If you want to remain physically active throughout the years, you should keep your health in peak condition.

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